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Friday 20th of August [20:00, LIVE SOLD OUT]

Saturday 21st of August [20:00, LIVE SOLD OUT]

Sunday 22nd of August [20:00, LIVE SOLD OUT]

Message: Previously an announcement was made here that we were exploring the possibility of using ‘Testing for access’ for this performance. We can now announce that we will definitively not make use of this. Because of this, social distancing to other people in the audience is still in place during the performance.

Director: Femke Veltman

Players: Maas van Apeldoorn, Bram de Jong, Ron Kuijten, Janneke Lukkezen, Joris van Oers, Iris Portegijs, Jessica Vermeer, Kai Witte, Jonna van Zijl



Le Ballon Rouge

I float, I float,

in the soft morning light.

The city awakes and I wait,

until a new friend finds me.


Because I want to play, I

have been alone for so long now.

Round, red, spherical, full of air,

I float between the gray, grizzled stone.