Doppio has several committees that help the board and the members by taking on important tasks as making promo for the productions or maintaining the website. Would you like the join one of the following committees? The committees are always looking for enthusiastic people that want to help, so don’t hesitate to send a message to the board!


Besides theater, Doppio also offers a ton of amazing activities. Throughout the year the Activity Committee organizes fun activities such as Sinterklaas, THE Christmas diner and the sailing weekend.


Every week, this guild makes sure there are enthusiastic Doppians behind the bar to provide us with drinks.


Nails, needles, fabric and wood. This is the domain of the DeKafé (set and costume affinity ensemble). This group of enthusiastic wood kneaders and fabric craftsmen provide the dazzling scenery and costumes to give our productions the flair they deserve.


Every year, the intro committee provides activities and excitement to the intro week of the TU/e.

PR Committee

The PR committee makes sure there are crowds to see all the amazing productions we produce.


The audit committee controls the bookkeeping of the treasurer.


The TechCo makes our productions spark by providing it with excellent light and audio.


The WebCo works every day, to the brink of almost trying, to maintain this beautiful beast we call


The yearbook committee will ensure that Doppio memories will not get lost. They take pictures during the activities, write a nice story about it, and collect fun quotes that Doppians have said. At the end of the year, they will make a wonderful yearbook for all Doppians to enjoy.