Contact information


For all your questions, you can contact the board of Doppio via


Studentencentrum De Plint
De Lampendriessen 31
5600 MB Eindhoven
Postbus 513

By car

Enter the TU/e campus through the entrance at the John F. Kennedylaan. Follow the road until the you have the possibility to take a left turn. Once you have taken this left turn, continue straight until you have another possibility to take a left turn, which occurs after you have passed underneath the elevated Atlas building. The Luna building should be on your right and if you continue a little further straight, you will find parking opportunities to your left.

By train (ca. 15 minutes walking)

Start by walking towards the bus stops, which are located to the North of the train station. Now continue by walking in the direction of the TU/e campus, which is to the North-East of the exit. Continue until you encounter traffic lights and then cross the Prof. Doctor Dorgelolaan street. You can now enter the TU/e campus by following the Limbopad. Straight after you have crossed the bridge that passes the Dommel, take a left turn and follow the bicycle path until you reach the Den Dolech street. Cross this street and walk towards a path that leads towards a parking lot. Now you should cross this parking lot and you shall see the Luna Building in front of you.