What is Doppio?

Doppio is the student theatre association in Eindhoven. Each year you can subscribe to join productions of text-based, cabaret, or physical theatre. Our enthusiastic and professional directors work hard to deliver beautiful performances alongside our Doppians. At Doppio we believe anyone can do theatre, including you!


Through weekly rehearsals, our enthusiastic members and professional directions work together to create the best performances!


Doppio is a great place to meet other theatre enthusiasts and make new friends. Get to know your fellow Doppians by at the ‘D-Drinks’ and other social activities!


Committees are the perfect way to make friends, grow your skills, and help contribute to what makes Doppio special!

Latest News


Vrijdag 8 maart 20:00 neemt het random-bij-elkaar-geraapt-Doppio team het op tegen het theatersport team van TSGP (Utrecht) in de Corona Zaal, TUe Eindhoven. Zij vechten het met elkaar uit wie de bingo avond in het verzorgingshuis heeft gewonnen doormiddel van geïmproviseerde scènes van 5 minuten. Tickets zijn €7 per persoon en zijn via deze link te reserveren.


Becoming a member of Doppio

It is not possible anymore to become a playing member of Doppio, but you can become a non-playing member and join all activities and committees. For this, navigate to the ‘Become a member’ page. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to send an email to board@doppio.nl


Doppio Theatre season

Doppio has already completed its first two performances of the year. From mid-April to early July, Doppio will stage nine additional performances. Please visit the ‘Book Tickets’-page for details on dates and languages for each performance.

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