De ticketprijzen voor dit jaar zijn gewijzigd: enkele ticket €14/€7, passe partout €80/€40

The ticket prices for this year have been changed: single ticket €14/€7. passe partout €80/€40

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Friday 2nd of February [20:00]

Saturday 3rd of February [20:00]

Sunday 4th of February [20:00]

Reservations close 2 hours before the performance starts.

Director: Isa Erhardt

Performed by: Britt Riedijk, Daan Penning, Kaj Stolle, Karlijn Peters, Léniek Maas, Luka Corralero Medina, Nipun Kaushik, Sies Vleeshouwers, Ariadna Masot Llima.


I’m Dorian

Meet Dorian: he’s got that ‘charming yet mysterious’ vibe that sends the rumor mill spinning. And beauty? Oh honey, he redefines it.

His portrait is like his personal paparazzi, capturing every moment he’d rather forget. A visual explosion. Definitely not a painting your grandma would dare to hang on the wall.

I’m Dorian explores desire, indulgence and the eternal pursuit of an extraordinary life.

Meet Dorian: I’m Dorian