We are always on the lookout for new directors and intern directors in training (M/F/X) with creative ideas for new performances! Each year we start looking for new ideas for the rehearsal season, which starts in September.


We want to know what you want to make!

At Doppio, we offer 12 different types of productions to all (student) members each year. This ranges from text theatre to montage to improvisation to movement-based theatre. For our international members, we offer at least two English productions per rehearsal season. Tell us what you want to make in a short pitch. Do not be afraid to share multiple ideas with us, as our members can choose the idea that they find most promising!

What do we offer?

  • We offer a challenging job in which you have a lot of creative freedom. You will work together with students who have a passion for theatre;
  • An enthusiastic group of max. 12 students who all have followed a basic theatre course with us, or who have previous experience;
  • We have our own rehearsal and performance spaces;
  • Hourly wage: €45,- (incl. travel expenses and BTW);
  • For a full year: a contract of 116 hours, for half a year: a contract of 89 hours;
  • A production budget of 300 euros;
  • A storage space full of attributes that can be used during rehearsals and performances;
  • Technics and technicians who bring the performances to the next level.

Job requirements

  • A degree in directing or theater production;
  • Available from September 2023 until May/June 2024 for a full year, or for half year performances from September 2023 until February 2024 or from February 2024 until June 2024;
  • Be available for at least one evening between Monday and Friday for rehearsals from 19:30 until 22:30;
  • Be available for one weekend in February, May, or June. The performances take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Additionally, you are expected to be available for the rehearsal weekend in April;
  • Experience with working with students is a pre.

Everything is nicer together

Doppio is an active association with numerous committees, some of which are specifically made for supporting productions. Down below you can find more information about these committees. If you want to find more information about the committees you can take a look here.


  • DeKafé – Decor en Kostuum affiniteits ensemble (Décor and costumes)
    • It’s in the name! This committee helps you with making costumes and décor.
  • Techco – Techniekcommissie (light and sound)
    • Doppio has its own group of technicians and we have an abundance of lights and wires to access. A technician is appointed to your performance and they will discuss the possibilities for the performance with you. After this, a plan is drafted concerning light and sound in order for your performers to look their best!
  • PR – Promotion and relations
    • The PR is in charge of making flyers and posters to guarantee a large audience during your performance.

A unique theatre hall!

Luckily, we can offer our players and directors a beautiful theatre hall at the TU/e campus. The corona hall (yes, that is really what it is called…) is equipped with a broad variety of technical facilities. In addition to lights for front- and backlight, the hall comes with a.o. six robes that can add colour to the scenes, and six moving heads for even more freedom of creativity. The hall has one bodypack and two handheld microphones readily available. Our technicians know this hall by heart and can create marvelous imagery together with you.


Doppio internship

Under the guidance of Loes Herremans, Doppio can offer an internship to three theatre students. Together we will find out what your needs are and if Doppio can meet these. One of the groups taught by an intern will be a group of internationals who will get theatre lessons in English. Are you interested? Send a mail to voorzitter@doppio.nl !


Experiences of our directors

“Doppio is an association where everyone can be themselves entirely and therefore nothing is too crazy. In my eight years of directing at Doppio I have always felt that we really created everything together, so it does not surprise me that people stay members for such a long time. It is so much fun that I almost forget about the ugly rehearsal rooms and the coffee from plastic IKEA cups.” – Femke Veltman