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Vrijdag 19 Mei [20:00]

Zaterdag 20 Mei [20:00]

Zondag 21 Mei [20:00]

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Directed by: Barend Boes Kaptein

Players: Ari Sibiescu, Banda Norimarna, Cristina Marques,
Denis Shehu, Mayya Izmailova, Randor Bongers and Sjuul Hermens

LocationBusstop Meerrijk (maps)




Day 0 of the research into the disappearance of flight DP-038.

Koen Koevoets, PHD student in airplane investigations, finds a lost, unresolved case about an airbus that vanished. Nothing was found. All 227 passengers and 12 crew members seem to be forgotten. As if we want to forget the things we can’t explain.

Forgotten, step by step, until there is nothing left.

What should one do, to make themselves unforgettable? 

We invite you to join us at airbase Welschap in Eindhoven to dive further into the research of Koen Koevoets. Where the sound of the distance gradually becomes more and more intense.