Theatre Workshops

ESTV Doppio is organizing 3 workshops for beginners (no experience needed!). Have you ever wanted to try acting / theatre? Then this is your chance! A single workshop only costs €3! However, it is greatly recommended to do all three, as they form a cohesive experience. Taking all three workshops only costs €7 (so a €2 discount)!

The workshops will take place somewhere in Luna at the TU/e campus.

You can sign up using the button below. We will send an email with more info (like the exact location) at a later time.

More info about each workshop can be found below (scroll down!). For further questions, please contact Hope to see you there!

Note! You do not have to be a member of Doppio to partake in the workshops. Partaking in the workshops is not required to be a member of Doppio, even with no theatre experience.

The following workshops will be given: