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Vrijdag 26 april [20:00]

Zaterdag 27 april [20:00]

Zondag 28 april [20:00]

Regie: Olga Bruijniks

Spel: Amber Gho, Carlota Moya Lafuente, Derya Kalafat, Jaime Venne, Jesper Leferink, Lex van Heugten, Mariska Brüls, Minne Zeijdner, Rakky Suresh, Rubin Alaie, Thijs van Gansewinkel, Zafina Aminuddin


A philosophical comedy about the meaning of life and death

What is real? What happens when we die? Is there a god? Set in an empty Greek amphitheater, two ancient Greeks try to come up with an ending for their play, but no ending seems to give satisfaction. While highly distracted from their search of how to conclude their play, they become caught in an existential tangle of post-modern conceptions over God’s existence. Further complications arise when the men discover they are only characters in a play-within-a-play and begin to doubt their own free will. When they agree on an ending including the interference of God, they find out this might not have been the best decision. Then there seems to be absolutely no more reality…