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Unfortunately, the Friday perfromance got cancelled. 

Saturday 25th of June [20:00]

Sunday 26th of June [20:00]


Getting tickets is possible up to 2 hours before the performance

Director: Simon Speelman

Performed by: Edith Gierasimiuk, Amelia Smith, Rutger Terpstra, Emily Vacca, Nikita Jain, Diāna Šulce, Matteo Michelini, Antonio Barion


Exit the King

What happens when an unstoppable force comes into contact with an immovable object? When the biggest fish in the pond realises the pond is running dry? When a King with absolute power has to face an undeniable truth?

Simple, what always happens in a case like this: The walls come crashing down, birds falling from the sky. Oceans run red with rage and the sky turns a sick green while the universe shakes under its own pressure.

Sound all of the alarms! Arm every man, woman and child to the teeth! Panic! Scream! Flee!

For accepting the unacceptable is simply unacceptable.