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Thursday May 26th [20:00]

Friday May 27th [20:00]

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Director: Dirk Hulsenboom

Performed by: Terry van Bunder, Karen van der Knaap, Yulia Dragan, Marissa van Lente, Aimée Jacobs, Maarten Biemans, Peter Duel, Saskia van Hoeven, Laura Kuntze, Floris Tulner

Die, Dat? Uuhmm… Daar! (nee deze)

‘Die Dat? Uuhm…Daar! (nee deze)’ is an international play for everyone who’s 16 years or older.

It’s an abstract and absurdistic look on the history of mankind.

The play is made out of improvisations around sound, vision, movement and the performers themselves.

It will be a colourful spectacle where you can expect the unexpected.


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