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Friday 20th, saturday 21st and sunday 22nd of August 2021

Le Ballon Rouge

I float, I float, in the soft morning light. The city awakes and I wait, until a new friend finds me.

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Friday 14th, saturday 15th and sunday 16th of February 2020


I think we are ready for it. Curious what is going to happen? So are we.

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Saturday 21st and sunday 22nd of December 2019

So this is Christmas…

Thé performance to already get in the ultimate Christmas mood.

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Seizoen 2018-2019

The Sunken Desire
Saturday 2nd and sunday 3rd of February 2019

The Sunken Desire

One evening, an evening in a whirlpool, the evening on which everything went wrong, with you at the bottom, there where the sight is clear. Will ‘The Sunken Desire‘ perish?

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Friday 15th, saturday 16th and sunday 17th of February 2019


We see a summer on the Maas where nothing seems the same anymore after the appearance of a letter.

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Friday 26th, saturday 27th and sunday 28th of April 2019


A philosophical comedy about the meaning of life and death.

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Friday 3rd, saturday 4th and sunday 5th of May 2019

Bopity Ping

Remove your exterior and poke on a few places. Place yourself in the Bopity Ping and let yourself be warmed for 50 minutes.

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Friday 10th, saturday 11th and sunday 12th of May 2019

Als jij me bent vergeten

With sadness in our heart we announce the passing of Robert Johannes Adrianus Smit. We would like to invite you to celebrate his life with us one more time.

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Friday 17th, saturday 18th and sunday 19th of May 2019


Prullaria, a humorous performance, in which recognizable rattling family ties unravel and the painful truth gets exposed.

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Friday 24th, saturday 25th and sunday 26th of May 2019

Het Beest

Nine young people, on the run for a war, stranded on an island. They are completely on their own. No authority, no rules, no rescue.

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Friday 31st of May, saturday 1st and sunday 2nd of June 2019


Take a look inside the perfectly maintained household of Adel Blank. The table is set, the coffee machine is on and the bell is on its way. Everything has already been arranged and there is not a cloud in the sky.

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Friday 7th, saturday 8th and sunday 9th of June 2019

De Laatste Mars

With pain in our heart we say goodbye to Resistance today. We carry it to its final resting place, so we can all find peace.

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Friday 14th, saturday 15th and sunday 16th of June 2019


‘Spinsel’ is a colorful journey through contemplations and ideas. A physical theatre performance in which thoughts become physical. Can you let your thoughts run free?

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Friday 21st, saturday 22nd and sunday 23rd of June 2019

Vijand van het Volk

This poison green comedy is a cheerful human tragedy ánd a confronting satire, where the scientific facts become a hoax and fake news the new truth.

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