What's this? Some sort of joke?

Seizoen: 2017/2018
Tickets: €5 / €10

A Greek, an Italian, a Dutch and two Indian guys walk into a bar…

Or is it a Coffee Shop?… Or maybe a Bookstore?… Let’s just say it’s something multifunctional. Dealing with high cholesterol and cancer scare or those obnoxious animals in your bar while you’re just trying to do your job. Also being a foreigner in the Netherlands isn’t always easy. Our advice is, just take some rest and a paracetamol.

These and other real life problems are dealt with by five international guys via short sketches and stand-up comedy in the performance: What’s this? Some sort of joke?
I don’t know… lets ask the duck.



  • Walter Aarts
  • Raja Bennabhaktula
  • Leonardo Gerritse
  • Sankalp Jain
  • Chris Platsikoudis


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