Death is not the end (English)

Seizoen: 2014/2015
Tickets: €4 / €8

For mother's sake, for my own or for you?
The whole truth and nothing but the truth,
through the eyes of the beholder.
May it be family or friends or neighbors.
Who will know the truth about the Mannon?
The Mannon dead will convert you. Is what she says.
Do you want to know? Because death is not the end.



  • Rubin Alaie
  • Rares Bratean
  • Bruna Goveia da Roche
  • Silvia Méndez
  • Evdokia Papanikolaou
  • Chris Platsikoudis
  • Bruno Rinaldi
  • João Serra
  • Alexandra Shilova


Stacy Schell