Seizoen: 2016/2017
Tickets: €5 / €10

Available is a comedy where people try to fight for their rights to live in the world which belongs to all of us. But are we really able to live peacefully together even though we think that we can? ‘I should be able to do better. I am a bachelor damnit, and Nanny doesn’t cost much. ’The actors are coming from different countries and cultures but together we have made a play of issues that affect the whole world.

Text: The play is based on the Livingroom with 6 oppressions written by Oscar Mandel
Thanks to: Oda Buijs, Loes Herremans, variant 3 in Theater Academy Tilburg, Gulce Onganer and the whole Doppiocrew.
Deze voorstelling is de derdejaarsstage voorstelling van de Theater Academie in Tilburg.



  • Raja Bennabhaktula
  • Gianmarco Bet
  • Marina Borodachenkova
  • Martijn Buijvoets
  • Leonardo Gerritse
  • Chris Platsikoudis


Merja de Jong